This One's On Me REVISITED

In 1978 Jimmy Greaves and Norman Giller collaborated on a book called This One's On Me, which was Jimmy's harrowing yet uplifting account of his battle to beat the bottle. It was a ground breaking book in that he was the first major sports celebrity to not only admit publicly to a drink problem but to go into in-depth details of his descent into hell. The book became a major best seller and served as a motivating force for scores of people in the grip of the demon drink, while also telling the story of one of the greatest of all football careers.


We now reprint it word for word, capturing a golden soccer age and with a running commentary from co-author Norman Giller that gives the background to the original book, the first of 20 collaborations between them.


It is going to be a limited edition, and you can book your copy in advance now for £15 plus p&p If you decide to pre-order, Norman Giller will make personal contact with full publishing details . Please press the Buy Now button below. Thank you.

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