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This book is for Aliphiles. There have been millions of words written about The Greatest, but few authors have concentrated purely on Ali the boxer, his 61 fights and his 54 opponents. In THE ALI FILES I focus on each of his fights, giving you a ringside seat to the greatest boxing career of them all.


I have chosen Ali as the subject for my 99th book because he is the most dynamic personality I have met in my 55-plus years scratching a living as a sportswriter. Lucky me, I've been in the company of many of the finest sports champions of post-war times, and Ali stands head and shoulders above them all as the most interesting and entertaining. Here we are (right) in the summertime of our lives, when Ali was king of the world and I was observing from close range the life and times of The Greatest.


Most things I read about Ali are by people who never saw him fight or got round to meeting him. I had the privilege of working in his PR team for several of his European fights and got to know him as a friend as well as a fighter. It has been heartbreaking to watch his health problems gradually worsening, but he has never once sought sympathy and is content with all he has achieved, more so with his outside-the-ring charity and religious activity than all those awesome performances in the roped square.


To give the fully-illustrated book a fascinating twist, I reveal what has happened to each of Ali's opponents since they took on The Greatest. You will be surprised, often shocked, by some of the revelations. There is a blow-by-blow report on every one of his fights, plus eyewitness accounts from experts and what was said at the time by Ali and his opoonents.


By ordering the book direct from me here, you will get it at a saving of £3.99 from the retail price. The book gives the facts behind the Ali fable.  I will send a personal email to everybody who buys the book direct from here, and I will willingly answer any questions you have about Ali – simply The Greatest. If you like your boxing, you'll love THE ALI FILES.


Published in April 2015 by Pitch Publishing © Norman Giller 2015