Ali&Me 72 res Norm&Jim 72 res Downes Norman

That's me with Muhammad Ali in the seventies (above left), with Greavsie recently (above right) and with Terry Downes (below) when I was nineteen and a reporter on the fight game's tradepaper Boxing News in 1959.  I worked with Ali on a couple of his European fights. He needed a PR like Einstein needed a calculator.


This is my beautiful wife Eileen (above, who gave me 45 years of married bliss. She deserved a medal for putting up with my eccentricity, and for producing two children (Lisa and Michael now middle-aged!) who are a credit to her standards of decency and tolerance. That trademark smile was rarely far from her face, and she warmed the lives of all who came into contact with her. Lucky me to find a new partner, Jackie Wright (left) on my first night out as a widower!

nBruno and snappers Norman with John Conteh

Below: That's me squeezing Frank Bruno's bag during a visit to Edinburgh in 1986 to announce that Frank was fighting on following his world title defeat by Tim Witherspoon. I was Frank's PR throughout most of his career. This private picture was taken during the Commonwealth Games, and is a wonderful image of Fleet Street's happy snappers.


This is me (right) getting a little too friendly with former world light-heavyweight champion John Conteh. I am sitting on his lap! Tongues will wag.

Morecambe and Me

Morecambe and Unwise. Me and my mate Eric back in the golden days when I wrote newspaper and magazine columns with him ... and I had enough hair for both of us.

Chopper, Jim, Steve, Gilly

Two Old Gits. Greavsie and I as we hit, gulp, 75.

Who's worn best?