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This is where I will be waffling when the mood takes me in between providing insightful comments on the Spurs Odyssey website. I was until recently the resident columnist at the prestigious SJA (Sports Journalists' Association) website, but I have  handed the baton over to the next generation, with fresher views of the helterskelter world of sport than this geriatric hack. If you wish to comment on any of my comments, please email me at author@normangillerbooks.com

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By normangiller, Oct 5 2017 07:29PM

Here is the introduction to my latest book, 'How to SELF Publish. Trust me, I'm an author.' ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlS0Q_qHhKo

This is the 105th book from my fairly prolific pen, and I am sharing the secrets of getting published because I don’t want to see would-be authors getting ripped off.

I have had best sellers, slow burners and pulped flops during my 60-year writing career, and I recognised earlier than most that self-publishing was the way to go in the fast-changing world of the printed book.

I started out with a portable typewriter and carbon paper back in my early days as a reporter in the hot-metal era of Fleet Street – when it was the Street of Ink and Drink.

In 1973 I tunnelled my way out of the Daily Express – where I was chief football reporter – to concentrate on a freelance career as a television scriptwriter, sports statistician, boxing publicist and author.

A member of the This Is Your Life scriptwriting team for 14 years, I had my first book published at the age of 38 in 1978, and have since averaged two-and-a-half books a year, while also filling acres of newspaper space and TV screen time.

I now want to help YOU get published, with advice and guidance that comes from years of experience ... and all for the price of a cheap lunch.

My opening message to you is: “Beware the profits of doom.”

I want to draw your attention to the fact there are scores of rogue publishers among the genuine experts offering help on line to get your book into the shops. They will willingly take your money and leave you out of pocket and regretting what should be an enjoyable experience. Many I discover have never had a book published the traditional way, and are the bland leading the blind. Trust me, I’m an author!

Self-publishing can be a minefield, but I will show you how to navigate through it and get on to the bookshelves without everything exploding in your face.

Take my words for it.

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