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This is where I will be waffling when the mood takes me in between providing insightful comments on the Spurs Odyssey website. I was until recently the resident columnist at the prestigious SJA (Sports Journalists' Association) website, but I have  handed the baton over to the next generation, with fresher views of the helterskelter world of sport than this geriatric hack. If you wish to comment on any of my comments, please email me at author@normangillerbooks.com

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By normangiller, Sep 9 2016 12:32PM

And now for something completely different. Those of you who know me as a sportswriter of 50+ years standing (and sometimes nearly falling) may be surprised to discover that my latest book (No 102) is a novel about love, lust, war, peace, class and, above all, revenge. It will first be available as a digital download and, later, as a paperback. I wonder if I can hook you with this screen shot of the opening page:

Jan 14 2017 02:02AM by ashley collie

A sweet story, sometimes sad and sometimes uplifting, but ultimately a cautionary tale about our ancient, deep-rooted, almost reptilian desire for revenge—a craving that eats away, nibbling at our better selves. Mostly, it serves no human well, and is perhaps better left to the gods to deal with. Although, even they were not immune to revenge’s seeming siren call. As some wise person once said, “While seeking revenge, dig two graves — one for yourself...”

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