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In association with the Bobby Moore Fund, I have written an in-depth study of the life and times of arguably England's greatest ever defender. The book is being published to mark the 20th anniversary of Bobby's passing and the setting up of the fund.


It is not only a book about Bobby but captures the golden era of English football in which he was the golden hero. For the first time, every one of the 108 England matches in which he played are summarised with Bobby's exclusive comments on each of them.


Any profits from the sales of the book will not go into the pockets of the Publisher (me) but to the Bobby Moore Fund to help raise cancer research money.


There have been previous books focusing on Bobby, but none will match the intimacy and information of Bobby Moore: The Master. I was close to him at the summertime peak of his career in my role as a Fleet Street writer throughout Bobby’s climb to football’s mountain top as winning 1966 World Cup captain.


And I had the good fortune to be right in on the start of the Bobby Moore story. I was sports editor of the local West Ham paper when Bobby was a 16-year-old groundstaff boy, and featured him in a series called The Apprentice before anybody had heard of him (and long before the Alan Sugar programme!). We remained life-long friends.


I have another (harrowing) link with Bobby. I have (so far) survived after undergoing a 2007 tumour-removing bowel cancer operation, benefitting from the research financed by proceeds from the phenomenal Bobby Moore Fund. Now I want to put something back, and ask you to help me support a great cause.


One revelation in the book is of how Bobby had a cancerous testicle surgically removed after he had led West Ham to the FA Cup in 1964. It was hushed up at the time. Can you imagine how much bigger a hero he would have been if the public had known the crisis he had been through before collecting the World Cup?


The Bobby Moore Fund was launched in 1993 by his widow, Stephanie, following his death from bowel cancer, and the book is being published to mark the 20 year anniversary of Bobby’s passing (and the Fund’s birth) in February 2013. Any profits from the book will go to the Fund.


You can order the book NOW by making a payment of £15 HERE, plus postage and packaging. The book will be delivered to you ASAP.


This is my 94th book, 20 of them in collaboration with Jimmy Greaves, who was Bobby’s best mate and is among an army of former footballers and celebrities contributing to the book. I promise it's a good read and you will feel good helping a good cause :-) Yes, it's all good, good, good, just like Bobby.